The safety of visitors and exhibitors is a priority at Retail Fair Utrecht. The set-up is spacious, all activities are being arranged in accordance with the 1.5 metre protocol and we will ensure the exhibition floor never gets too crowded by implementing walking routes and time slots. That way, you can make your purchases safely and be inspired by the latest retail developments. And no worries: despite the measures in place, we will naturally ensure it is a very sociable trade fair!

You can find the preventative measures we will implement below. 


  • Walking routes are indicated with arrows at the main entrance to the Jaarbeurs. 
  • Hand sanitiser gel is available at the entrance so that visitors can disinfect their hands. 
  • Retail Fair Utrecht is located on the first, second and third floor of the Beatrixgebouw of the Jaarbeurs. There are 2 lifts going up and 2 lifts going down. A maximum of 2 people are allowed in each lift. 
  • You can also take the stairs. The stairwell is next to the lift. There is one 1 staircase going up and 1 going down. 
  • Door handles, banisters and lift buttons will be cleaned on a very regular basis. 
  • Each floor has its own entrance which is signposted by means of walking routes. Hand sanitiser gel for disinfecting your hands is available here too. 
  • Visitors need to undergo a health check at the entrance before they may proceed to the exhibition floor. 
  • An entrance and exit are clearly indicated at the entrance.
  • Clear plexiglass has been installed at the entrance to ensure safe contact with the hostess.  

Cloakroom service

  • The cloakroom is next to reception on the ground floor. Cloakroom staff will be wearing gloves when handling your coat and/or bag. 
  • You can disinfect your hands here too and walking routes have been implemented to guarantee a distance of 1.5 metres between visitors. 


  • There are toilets on each floor. A maximum of 1 person may be in the toilet area at any one time. This is indicated on posters on the door. 
  • There will be additional cleaning of toilets on trade fair days. 


  • Each floor has its own catering outlet. These locations will be kept thoroughly clean.
  • In addition, tables and chairs have also been placed further apart to guarantee a distance of 1.5 metres. 

On the exhibition floor

  • Walking routes are indicated by means of arrows in the aisles. 
  • Stickers on the floor indicate where you can stand still to look at a stand. 
  • Posters with the rules that need to be followed at the Jaarbeurs are on display in numerous locations. 


  • Walking routes are indicated within the stands so that everyone walks in the same direction at the appropriate distance.
  • Every stand will have a poster on display indicating the maximum number of people welcome at the stand. If the stand is full, please wait. 
  • You can disinfect your hands at the stands. 
  • Stands will be kept clean and contact points will be cleaned several times throughout the day.