Practical information for participants of Trade Mart

The entrance passes are for you as exhibitor and your staff only. The passes grant you continuous access to Trade Mart. The passes also grant exhibitors access during the set hours for set-up and dismantling for special events. The entrance passes are non-transferable.

Trade Mart access
Trade Mart is only accessible on presentation of a valid entrance pass.

Your participation package contains:

  • 1 Combi pass for access and parking, 365 days a year, at the Jaarbeurs car parks.
  • 2 Entrance passes for your staff.


You can request extra Combi passes at the central reception desk of the Beatrixgebouw.

The invoice is sent via the project administration system.

Entrance passes
You can also contact your account manager to request additional free entrance passes for your staff. For safety reasons, we ask you to request no more passes than required. The passes remain valid for the full contract period and cannot be replaced in the meantime.

Invite your business contacts
You can invite your business contacts to visit Trade Mart for free using the digital invitation on You can also include the following online link in your mailings:

We will send you an email with various marketing and invitation options for the Retailbeurs (Spring and Autumn).

Entrance procedures

  • During the collective trade show days for your floor(s), the exhibitor’s pass is valid from 1 hour before opening until 1 hour after the show closes. You can also visit the other floors between 10.00am and 5.00pm. The door to the second floor is open every Monday between 10.00am and 5.00pm.
  • Outside trade show days, you can access your own floor via the doors in the escalator lobby between 8.00am and 6.00pm. At other times, you can access the floor using the elevator near the security desk (Mineurslaan).
  • If you want to visit your stand between 6.00pm and 10.00pm or during the weekend, you have to contact Customer Service to request an Out-of-hours permit.

Retailbeurs floor plan
Do you want to know which retailers will be exhibiting at the Retailbeurs from 8-10 March? You can download the floor plans by clicking on the button below!

Out-of-hours permit

  • You can apply for an Out-of-hours permit by sending an email to Customer Service stating your company name, name of the contact person, your stand number and the date and time you want to access your stand.
  • Your application will be sent on to the Safety & Traffic department, and you will receive a confirmation by email.
  • At the time agreed, you can report to the Beatrixgebouw security desk (Mineurslaan). Staff there will accompany you to the trade show floor.
  • We advise you to print out your email confirmation, so you can show it when you report to the security desk.
  • You do not need an Out-of-hours permit during the set-up and dismantling hours for Trade Mart events.
  • Exhibitors of Jewels & Watches (first floor) can only access their floor outside the official trade show days via the freight elevator and after reporting to the security desk. In other words: Make sure you follow the correct procedure, and check whether you need to apply for an Out-of-hours permit first or not, as this depends on when you want to access your stand.
  • The entrance pass is meant to access the floor where you have your stand only. If you want to visit another floor, outside of the trade show days and/or opening hours, you need be able to show ID when requested to do so by security.
  • Outside of trade show days, you only have access to those floors with an exhibitor’s pass. If you, or one of your staff, do not have your pass on you, you can still get in during office hours after reporting to the security desk. They will verify whether you have to right to access the floor by contacting your company. Security will ask you for an official ID and may decide to refuse access.
  • Access to the floors outside of opening hours without an entrance pass is not possible.

If you lose your Combi or Entrance pass or your pass is stolen, you should contact Customer Service immediately.

Description participation confirmation: stand location, rates and other information


  • Rates and other pricing arrangement
    All amounts stated on the participation confirmation are in accordance with the quote signed by you or the signed registration form.
  • Duration of the agreement
    The duration of the agreement and the start date can be found on the page ‘Confirmation of participation’.

Stand location

  • Location
    You can find your location on the page ‘Confirmation of participation’ and on the floor plan attached. The first digit is the floor; the letter is the aisle; the last three digits are your location number.
  • Stand dimensions
    The dimensions on the floor plan are only indicative. We advise you to visit the actual location to make accurate measurements yourself.
  • Stand design
    Your account manager has to pre-approve your stand design. This written approval is required before you can start building/renovating the stand.
  • Building/renovating your stand
    To prevent dust nuisance, it is not permitted to do any sanding, sawing or drilling work in the week running up to a trade show day. Building and renovation work has to be coordinated with the account manager in advance. Please see the Building rules and regulations below, for more information.